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Tuesday 15 November 2016

Tempus fugit

It's definitely an age thing. This inevitable growing older has knock-on effects.

Why post?

I suppose it's that time of year, coupled with people's birthday's in October - one person turned 65 and the other 31. 

65 another milestone year, especially when you worked out many years ago that in the family the ages for dying appear to be 34 or 73. You then notice 73 on the horizon even tho' it's still a few years away.

Next, your nearest and dearest have suddenly turned over seventy. The news keeps on showing (with monotonous regularity) those famous names you grew up with that are now no more.

All too suddenly, there are far fewer people around and you seem to know more that have passed on than still exist. Add on to it the fact that your best friend has announced that she's planned her funeral...

The next train of thought reminds me that December is a month of anniversaries. Happily a neighbour's birthday is on the 10th.

Unfortunately along comes the memory of a funeral one week before Christmas and that a long-time friend dislikes Christmas time as her husband died on Christmas Eve.

No matter how long ago, the losses continue to resonate.