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Thursday 20 November 2008

the pressure is on or should that read up

Tomorrow afternoon it's back once more to the medical centre :-((
Must remember to take with me results of the ECG.
Am trying to be 'good'; no spicy foods, no alcohol and drinking decaf coffee.

This is what the bruising looks like, fortunately, it's only on one arm and is now multi-coloured so must be on the mend
That's the result from a careful practitioner, doesn't need much of an imagination to realise why I do not like blood tests. There's nothing much to see on my other arm; but the length of time it took!!!

According to the doctor nothing untoward shown in test results, but he put me on meds for the next month.

Saturday 15 November 2008

not in this universe

chatting to a long, long time friend of many, many moons.
Sisters we ought to have been,we are only one's and sisters by choice.
(You can choose your friends...)
I needed a chat to share/mull over recent happenings. We are always 'there' for each other.
Explaining the events of the past week, nurse and doctor appointments and BP measurements. Mulling over the possibilities, laughter is the best medicine, let 'them' do their tests and see if there is an underlying problem.
Nurse recorded BP systolic 150s+ and 160s+ plus, doctor tested left arm 160+ and then right arm 190+ oops!
Hence I've got two appts on Monday morning both at the same hospital. An ECG and blood tests.
Did a 'dry run' to find how long it'd take to get there and where the place is.

Two days to take action (preventative measures). Decaf coffee!
Not in this universe...a reference to me often confusing the medics, and their readings, what's the norm for others is rarely norm for me...

More rotten news, god-daughter is in hospital. {{{hugs}}}}
Hope she' better soon.
Curiously, the way I found out was online!

Luckily she has web access, so I can keep in touch.

My hospital visit went better than expected, but taking bloods is always problematic. The people at the Sir A Jones Memorial hospital were friendly and professional. Hardly any bruising to speak of, tho' it was a struggle to get enough in the vial.

Even went for ECG an hour early so didn't need to wait. How good was that! Result of ECG no worries. taking printout with me to appt with doc on Friday.

Friday 14 November 2008


Last Christmas OH bought me a new camera D-SLR and am just getting to feel comfortable using it as it has lots of 'bells n whistles'
Now he wants to buy another for this Christmas because they have brought out an even more 'all singing and dancing' one!
Also, there is a special offer / discount £££ off the usual price.
I'd be happier if he spent less and bought me a wide-angle lens for my camera.

Shouldn't moan but...

Wednesday 12 November 2008

not so good

Had appt for BP check, but it kept on registering as 'high'. asked the nurse if the 'collar' was too tight, cos that's how it felt; but she kept on trying without changing it size or position on my arm.
High BP noted on records and appt made for Friday pm to see doctor.
At least I get to see a doc for once!
Nurse commented it had been a long while since last appt with doc! Told her of the discouraging tactics used by reception staff which prevented me seeing doc on several occasions.
Spent about an hour with nurse; discussion ranging over many topics. Reminisced about previous doctors back in the 1980s 1990s and what the practice was like in those days. Went on to compare with now and remembered previous doctors. One always used hospital referrals as much as possible. Nurse said that had kept the secretary very busy (1980s).
Reminded me of how grateful I'd been to that doctor, as he'd sent me to have my voice problems diagnosed.
This led to years of speech therapy with the chief speech therapist at the hospital; who 'worked wonders' with my voice preventing further damage and possible loss of voice.
Over the years, we became friends and often chatted about her daughter. Just before I was discharged I learnt the therapist had developed breast cancer.
that's a sad memory, I feared the worst, but no way of knowing cos lost contact.

Wonder what Friday will bring?
I need to have a test for Raynauds syndrome and probably blood tests. Talked to the nurse about the last time when the bloods were taken at the local centre. I had to wear sleeved garments to hide massive bruising.

Saturday 8 November 2008


Deeper red roses have almost velvet-like textured petals. Their buds are deepest red.

Roses are my favourite flowers, no matter whether they are shrub, climber, patio or rambler.
Talking on Plurk about roses, it seemed a good idea to blog and post some pix. Especially as when I did Digital Photography (OU short course)
I found that I'd taken more pix of roses than anything else.

I prefer them to be scented, rather than showy; the heady perfume of roses on a balmy Summer evening is bliss.

This particular rose changes colour as it develops from bud to full-blown.

Sunday 2 November 2008

puppy 'madness'

Youngster now has proper paws instead of rabbit-like baby paws.
He's either full-on or heavy zzzzzz.
Quiet puppy = sleeping or = chaos with no in-between.
Today he looks even more grown-up and has begun to choose toys (pulls and chews) to play with.

He knows his name and runs into the house if you say 'bye-bye' and pretend to close the door.
Thank goodness for the older girlie acting as big sister and playing/telling him off