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Monday 16 November 2020

Take Two

 A long, long time ago in Lower 3 Alpha, two of the same form were tasked with writing. Nurse Bradshaw from towards the end of the street had spent several lessons telling 11 year-olds about the 'facts of life'.

At the end, we were tasked with imagining our future. Nita, was taken to task because she had written about a feminist future...sans children and sans husband.

Her conformative erstwhile friend wrote the 'acceptable roses around the picket fence' twee hearts and flowers discourse.

Move on over 50, yes 50+ years later. the go with the flow friend has never married. In fact has shunned the institution of marriage. By contrast...her non-conformist BFF has done the opposite. Nita twice married, two sons from marriage #1 and 1 daughter from marriage #2.