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Monday 13 September 2021

Talking in to the Void

 Sundry annoyances

BCE before common era is the fashionable label for what has been for decades BC (before Christ) and AD (anno domino).

Cynically, the younger generations seem hell-bent on re-naming just for the sheer ludicrousness of it.

Far less thought is required with BCE; everything can be 'fudged' aka obscured.

History has gone from dates and events to a mish-mash of 'experiences'. Heaven help future generations. 

English counties have long, intriguing and complex histories.

Yorkshire with its Ridings, a shortened version of 'Thirdings; aka three

East, North and West.

In genealogy, as you delve deeper, complexities abound. 

Before the Reformation 1534, Lancashire came under the Diocese of LITCHFIELD which contained parts Carlisle and Ripon. 

Lancashire was divided into six HUNDREDS,

Amounderness, Blackburn, Leyland, Lonsdale, Salford and West Derby.

Ecclesiastically, the County came under the Province of York and the Diocese of Chester.

To make things more complicated, the County was divided in to two Archdeaneries, Chester (South) and Richmond, 'Richmondshire' (North). 

West Derby 

By the 1800s congregations were also grouped as Catholic, Dissenting chapels, Wesleyan Methodists and so on.

Hundreds being the areas for each Wapentake.

Place-names evolved over the years.

To distinguish between two Lancashire towns with the name BOLTON they were described (sensibly) as

BOLTON le MOORS now known as Bolton, Greater Manchester

BOLTON le SANDS near Lancaster.

Thursday 9 September 2021

When advertorials replace news

 Naming no names, but a series reappeared on the box. It received an overtly enthusiastic 'welcome' in the media. Looking into the various items, it becomes apparent they are advertorials used to promote a recently published book.

I'll state my bias here and now. Having viewed earlier series (never live) always with captions, I'd forgotten how much a dislike the narrator and his voice.

Back to looking at the new episode 1 with a hasty mute followed captioning as I heard him speak.

Another pet hate is when anyone distorts history for their own purposes. Claiming someone was a lawyer, when in fact he was a solicitor paled into insignificance when further blunders appeared.

To claim that Leeds has never had earthquakes is to evidence a parlous lack if knowledge of that area. 

The area has had a series of earthquakes with several being reported in the local Press. Some caused by deep-shaft mining for coal. Others, by movements of the Craven Faults.