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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Once there was

something called 'FirstClass' it was the online communication portal for OUSA and the OU. OUSA - OU Students Association. That was where I learnt that click-of-the-mouse friendships could and did grow connecting folks far and wide.
I joined some groups and we chatted away sharing all sorts. There we learned to practise netiquette and developed our own dos and don'ts. I was fortunate to meet face-to-face with some people and that made online friendships even more special. 

I did a course called 'You, your computer and the Internet'. That OUSA group known as T171 Survivors was particularly active. The online conference was always busy with dings and flags popping up as posts were sent. They had a yearly get-together near Harrogate, and one year I decided to join them. We had a lovely time and it was good to put faces to names. 

Another very active group was the Dog House where we shared our joys and woes and the antics of our K9 companions. I like to think we became a close-knit group. One stalwart was DD affectionately known as Duracell Dusty. Not wanting it to 'rain on my keyboard' I won't say much more. 

Why write now? Well, yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of DD's crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Today someone posted a collage of DD's support group and I thought I'd share it here to celebrate the friendship groups that grew up courtesy of FC (FirstClass).

OUSA Dog House

Thursday 18 April 2013


Responsibility is something that is part and parcel of being a dog owner.
So today we went back to the vets.
Our usual one was off today and there was a choice of 2 people. One is new to veterinary medicine and to the practice. I've met her before and she seems nervous particularly when meeting large dogs. The other is someone who has met and treated our large male GSD without any qualms. Unfortunately the earliest appointment was 2 pm. Puppy needed to keep off any foods until seen by the vet (usual procedure when there's a tummy upset).
The rest of the staff tend to be very touchy-feely particularly where young cute animals are involved. There were oos and aahs when we came in and complimentary comments. The problem when one person came over the see the puppy and because of reticence said she'd get her some kibble and that it'd be fine. Very politely I explained why puppy had come to the vets and that she'd been nil by mouth. So when receptionist returned with some kibble, I had to again tell her 'no'. Here's me being the responsible owner but as for the receptionist? the mind boggles. 

So, puppy is on a rice and fish diet for the next few days and she has some anti-biotics to take. The rice and fish went down a treat. G the vet phoned to offer some more advice such as adding natural yogurt to the diet and something called pro-fibre. Next I'm going to see what I can find out from a vet-med site. Yes, our vets have the stuff in stock but I dread to think what the price might be. Using a UK site I can order and receive some K9 products postage free and at lower price than from the vets.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday 17 April 2013


A click on the mouse friend is fond of owls; so it was good to find a website about crochet owls and let her know.
Traditionally owls are associated with wisdom and learning. They appear on congratulations greetings.

The collective noun is  a Parliament of Owls
In his Narnia series The Silver Chair, C.S.Lewis describes a parliament of owls that meets to discuss events and to give advice. I wonder if my delight in owls might come from reading Lewis?
Two more owls of the literary kind spring to mind:
Winnie the Pooh's 'Wol' and TH White's 'Once and future king' where Wart is change into and owl. This is shown most amusingly in the Disney cartoon film.

Thinking back, there was once a farm park (name forgotten) near Penzance.  The day we went there was a talk and display about owls. We got up close and personal as the saying goes with some of the owls. That's an experience never to be forgotten. How thin the neck is under its layers of feathers and how heavy an owl can be when it's on the glove on your hand.

So like my friend, I too have a love of owls.

Saturday 6 April 2013

Do I remember...yes I do

A picture appeared on Facebook of a twin-tub washing machine and that brought back memories. Washing is no longer the chore it used to be. In fact as I type my automatic is busily washing the latest load. 

Years ago I went to a museum which I think no longer exists as there has been so much redevelopment. The rooms were set out depicting the lives of ordinary people in the early 20th century and went up to the 1950s. Washing day with posser and dolly tub, not forgetting 'dolly blue' used to whiten washing. 

A large stand-alone mangle just like one a neighbour had when I was a pre-school child. 
Then there was an electric washing machine consisting of a tub with agitator and above it the mangle. Not such a happy memory as it was so easy to trap fingers and have to release them. 
Moving on to college days and although some went to the launderette, I washed by hand then used the spin-dryer before hanging clothes on the line.
Later on I learnt to use a twin-tub; oh the hours spent feeding it with water, heating up the water, adding washing powder and washing, then moving on the use the spin dryer part making sure the hose stayed in the sink. 
Then a series of automatic washing machines, right up to today with washing done in 30 minutes.