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Wednesday 29 April 2009

cornish trivia

D chatting with Ron n Beryl catching up on events n doings locally. Zaq (puppy) feeling left out vaulted over caravan 1/2 door and rushed to join them. Beryl with news that R & J have gone 'up country' for a few days (Surrey) to visit poorly relation.

Mike called round with a stack of aircraft mags for D to read. Update...M takes over as President 2009-2010 Mount's Bay Rotarians.

Road repairs to double S bends on main road, road closed n traffic diverted up local country lane. Suddenly, peace is shattered...heavy traffic along usually empty lane.

Peace is shattered again! This time by the weather...balmy Spring sunshine replaced by torrential rain and flash flooding!

Sadly the storm cut short 3 young lives near Zennor. Car they were in washed away downstream as a usually babbling brook transformed into wild raging torrent sweeping all before it. One young man escaped to raise the alarm, but was the only survivor. Two bodies found n one still missing.

From the Western Morning News-

"Divers, the fire service, Coastguard and rescue helicopters spent the weekend combing the rugged stretch of coast. A digger was brought in to aid the search, with 20 police officers and police dogs involved.

Meanwhile, a seven-mile stretch of the South West Coast Path has had to be closed because of damage caused by the torrential rain. Cornwall Council yesterday issued an emergency closure order for the stretch through Zennor, Morgan and Towednack. It hopes repairs can be carried out as soon as possible.

The council also announced it was closing B3306 in Zennor for safety reasons after the foundations of a culvert were damaged."

missing out

Missed out on this week's Fun Monday because of lacking internet access Doh!
21st century hasn't reached far-flung Cornwall and they are supposed to 'go digital' from beginning of July?
Peacefulness and tranquillity abound, manana is too fast in comparison to the Cornish 'drekkly'.
There are NO wi-fi spots for miles around!

Cell phone 'coverage' is a joke. Check it out the coverage is at best negligible.

Mobile broadband? Go figure!

Hence, laptop left at home, cell phone switched off unless I travel to somewhere with coverage.

Amusing to watch people wandering in search of phone signal. Feeling helpful, I say 'try up the lane, or up the hill'. The look on the face has to be seen to be believed.
Am only being truthful...

Along the lane, past the cottage, stand in the next gateway by the wall and you'll get a signal. Climb Richard's hill and the signal is stronger.

Friday 17 April 2009

Sayre smiles hosts Fun Monday

Take a picture of the thing that helps you get through the day and inspires you to have the best day you can.

Already thinking of several things that inspire me, my dogs the garden flowers... One photo is not going to be 'enough' she says, laughing!

Grape hyacinths,stan
ding proud in the Spring sunshine.

Hellebore aka Lenten Rose, looks fragile yet thrives in Winter thro' to Spring. Bright splashes of colour to brighten drab, dark days.

Monday 13 April 2009

Fun Monday

Yes, I dream but rarely remember apart from the first few moments after I awake. For many years there was a recurring dream, probably a result of visits to the dentist as a child. In those days preventative dentistry did not exist; it was gas + extractions. There was no escape. I can still feel, smell and taste the rubber mask + gas they used.
My dream/nightmare? A conveyor belt of teeth seen between glowing red bars!

After my father passed away, there was another, vivid recurring dream, a much pleasanter one. It seemed to me I was home with him in a variety of pleasant situations, so life-like as to appear tangible. Sun-shining, warm with gentle breezes and the pair of us content in each other's company. Him pottering around the garden and greenhouse with my younger self for company.

news reporting

Isn't it odd, the different takes on the same news story! Listening as usual to Radio 5 live, heard interview security advisor about rescue of US captain. Interviewer asked the 'right' questions, nothing daft. Interviewee knowledgeable painted accurate picture of situation.

Later posts by the media bore no resemblance and were nothing like as truthful.