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Tuesday 23 February 2010

White rabbits!!!

only cos FM next time is on March 1st

Dearest wendishness our hostess says

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is as follows….

1. What memories do you have of your school years at any stage of your education?

2. Did you keep in touch with your friends who were there with you in your formative years, or perhaps you lost touch as I did and are finding them again? Tell us about some of your school friends.

You don’t have to go into detail, you can if you want to add as much detail as you’re comfortable with, photos are optional but you know most of us love photos

My memory banks are patchy but there are a number remaining from school days and before.
Nursery school - my coat hook had an umbrella picture! No I've no idea why this memory stuck; perhaps because the symbol denoted my outdoor clothes?
Days when in winter gloves were attached to a length of elastic threaded down the sleeves of your coat to stop them being lost.
But the friend I have known the longest was part of those days. My mind pictures us on the swings, roundabouts and slides in the Castle grounds. Yes, Castle you have not misread anything.

My home town has a castle, a Norman keep (motte).


After WWI the castle and grounds became the town's war memorial.

But, I digress...the lower part of the Castle grounds had/has a children's playground.

Today's safety conscious society would be appalled by the playground my friend n I visited so often. With candle-wax smeared on the slides to make us go faster! I still bear the scars on my knees from hurtling off the slide into the cinder surround.

So, longest friendship lasted all the way thro' school days; and continues. But a couple of years ago there was a fright! She went into hospital, had an operation and was lucky to survive. She became even more poorly under hospital 'care' than when she went in. Her stay in hospital had a negative impact on her health.

Next longest belongs to grammar school days and also continues. This is the person with whom I also celebrated milestone birthdays.

What's friendship? Two people who tho' not kin are akin in thoughts words and actions?

Even today when we meet up; others ask and we reply that each is the sister the other never had.
Yes until people get used to it.
Even close family have difficulty telling us apart when hearing our conversations as each finishes the other's sentence and seems to know without words what the other's thinking.

Strange coincidence, three people linked by friendship and shared experience (school days); in the same form for 5 years. Our mother's all had the same Christian name.

Thank you Wendy, for passing on this quote...
"Good friends are like stars... You don't always see them, but you know they are always there." Anon

Strange to think that all of the people I was friends with at college, not one has survived the test of time...

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Part 2 RAK moi?

Jill being an absolute treasure, set FM topics for two weeks, hence Part 2

By far a more difficult thing to write as I tend not to bruit abroad (sound off) about doing things for others, prefering RAK just to happen between me and someone else.

Our newest neighbour lives alone except for her two GSD companions. (German Shepherd Dogs).

When she first moved in the previous occupants had left the place in need of a lot of attention. So she wouldn't use the kitchen cooker as not only was it unsafe, it was filthy! The previous occupants were very heavy smokers...imagine the niccotine staining!

For several months NN (new neighbour) used her standard microwave for cooking. I only found out when she asked if I'd boil some eggs for her.

NN is fiercly independent, an admirable trait. So no use asking her to come for a meal as that'd be "charity".

That gave me an idea...tis as easy to cook for 3 as for 2...
I love cooking, n himself is fond of casseroles, home-made soups, quiches n so on...
So, why not pass across a portion or two for NN?

Now, a year on NN transformed her kitchen but cooking for 1 means she's unlikely to do quiches and rarely makes casseroles. So, this week when I make quiche, NN will have her share and today's cottage pie will also provide me with another RAK opportunity.

Friday 12 February 2010

Jill (our lovely Fun Monday host) says

For February 15th, please tell about something nice someone has done for you, or an act of kindness you witnessed a loved one perform, without being asked. It can be lately, or years ago, but something that touched your heart, and that you remember for that reason. Feel free to tell several stories if you wish, but remember, this is not YOUR RAK, it’s one that was performed for you or in your presence.

Where to start?
Recently there have been so many and various RAK.

I'm lucky to have two generous neighbours. One brought me some blueberries just cos she thought I'd like them. The other passed across sacks of fertiliser for the garden. Just when we thought we'd had the 'last'; neighbour turned up with freshly picked produce from her garden for us.

Not counting the frequent cups of coffee we've shared.

Then there's 'himself' not and never ever been prone to romantic You must be joking! Stuff like that is a 'waste of money' according to him.

Imagine my delight and surprise when he bought me roses! Coincidence? Maybe he's turning into a 'softee' for a while...

Then there's the friends who did a 200 miles round trip to collect me so we could celebrate together.

The same people who told me (a few years back) to 'get a passport' when you turn 50. Then proceeded to book, pay for and take me with them to Dublin to celebrate that birthday 'milestone '.

They turn up from time to time, unannounced and with little 'warning' usually a quick phonecall, "open the gates...and put the kettle on...see you in 5"

I have a number of fridge quote one:

Practise senseless acts of beauty and random acts of kindness!

Sums up my neighbours and my friends well, don't you think?

Thursday 4 February 2010

The Church Lady hosts Fun Monday

How do you beat the doldrums when you are stuck in the house either because it is too cold or too hot outside? Do you read? Cook? Complete a home improvement project? Watch movies? Scrapbook? Please share your ideas.

Cold weather as we had recently (January) in the UK makes me want to hibernate. Short days, frosty surfaces make me disinclined to go anywhere unless 'needs must'.
This is when online chats in Plurk help raise my spirits. I'd be lost without connection to the Internet. Swopping banter with people far and wide, comparing winter experiences.

In recent years I've found myself less able to tolerate extremes. So, when summer temps rise into the late 20s even early 30s centigrade you'll find me indoors with the fan switched on. No aircon in most homes here, but an optional extra in some vehicles.

Contentment comes with simple pleasures...sitting with laptop browsing, blogging whilst the dogs snooze by my side.
It's still winter, but it's one of those rare days, windless, cold, but not bittely cold so the windows are open. Himself busy in his workshop pottering around. The noise of tapping in nails floats thro' the open window as he makes a nestbox for the garden.