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Saturday 31 July 2010

Paddington Bear

a much-loved character from children's literature.

Neighbour's involved me in knitting and crocheting for charity. (Royal National Institute of Blind people)RNIB fund raising.
M has been doing charitable works for them for many years. I've only begun to get to know her recently even tho' she lives nearby.
For many years the people occupying the house between us and her have not been friendly (to say the least).
Our new neighbour is lovely, we get on well. She it was who introduced M. Now, passers-by often see 3 or 4 of us grouped together, laughing and chatting. (Rather like times past when neighbours used to stand and 'camp' at front doors).
'Camp' in local 'twang' means a sociable gathering, chit-chat.
My 'D' is a keen gardener and in the past year has begun to help our two neighbours with their gardens.
Returning to Paddington Bear, M has been knitting Paddington and I volunteered to knit his duffel coat,
Today, I finished and Paddington's complete apart from his Wellingtons and suitcase,
M's truly inspiring not just for her works...she's registered blind.

Gisburn Renault advert

'Gisburn was chosen for having no new Meganes, being quintessentially British, and for having a relatively quiet social scene,'

The laugh is on our 'friends' across the Channel.
If they'd really done their research, they might have realised that in the area 4x4s are popular vehicles.(aka Chelsea taxis)
A place where people tend to drive BMWs, Mercedes and such like.

In that rural area a small car would be of little use especially when lanes are bank high with snow in winter.

Thursday 29 July 2010


Mammograms are 'necessary' yet unpleasant. This time all went well, and now there's a fortnight's wait for results.
The machine used is antwacky and has a vice-like grip. Hence the title 'squashed.
You had to be over 50 to be called in for check-ups. I missed being called up when I turned 50 by one week. Rather than wait 3 years, I paid for a private check-up. That's how I found out how old-fashioned and unpleasant the NHS machines are.
Radiographer told me next time they'd have a new machine, a digital one! Hope they make the vice-like grip more gentle.
Had to chuckle to myself when radiographer said digital images 'not as good' as films.
Here's hoping for an 'all clear' in a fortnight and gentler machinery in future.

Monday 26 July 2010

return of Fun Monday! I hope so

Mariposa has set the theme
                            'It's all about friendship'

Friendship comes in many forms from the quick smile that lights up someone's face when you meet, the friend at the click of a mouse, childhood friends, friends of friends the list goes on.

There are 'friends' you might have because they are useful to them and they to you. A contact list of people to ask about...finding, doing and general how do I?

There are past colleagues who count themselves as friends (Christmas cards only.)

Another, won't get in contact, but expects to be contacted!

Then there's my 'let's go to the theatre' friend. So we do and it's enjoyable, apart from the travelling. But, Manchester is a city to visit by train, not by car.
Our next trip is to see Les Miserables next month.

Some 'click of the mouse friends' have built up a good rapport, it's always a pleasure to read about their doings, comings and goings FM participants in particular (smile).

Thank you Mariposa for rescuing Fun Monday.

Sunday 25 July 2010

July morphs to August

End of July and gardening continues apace.
We brought back new strawberry plants from Cornwall and have planted them in growing bags and they are on staging in the greenhouse.
Planning for September and a new crop of fruit.

The fuchsias are at their best and heavy with flowers. One fuchsia in particular is attracting lots of bees.

Took my camera, for once fully charged and ready, and managed to capture some images.

There are few roses but it's still worth capturing their faded beauty.

Now, the runner beans are ready to crop...

To think, at first the Victorians would grow them for their flowers!

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Here I go again

Time for another update, since I seem to have omitted to do any posting lately.
Here's a few photographs as an update...
Meet Boris, a small pooch with big attitude! Unfortunately, his owners have omitted to train him (sigh). So he charges hell-for-leather at the gate, 'shouting' barking as loudly as he can and runs pell-mell into it.

Charlie cat is an altogether different individual. He lives up the lane with Maisie the garden cat and Molly the house cat. Haven't yet managed to get close-ups of either yet.

Never realised how loud donkeys can be when they bray. This one looks rather laid back. Perhaps it was another that caused the noise!

But, this one too looks docile...

This guy is taller than he seems, I used the telephoto lens as he'd rather inconsiderately decided to remain at the top of the hill.

Sunday 4 July 2010

4th July

Can't help but post something on the auspicious day!
Happy 4th July to all across the Pond!
Jogging my memory-banks I found I knew little about this date in history.
(Shame on me)

The idea of big, big celebrations springs to mind...but what's the origin, I ask myself.

4th July, 1776
Congress declared (unanimously) the Thirteen United States of America!

This being depicted even today by the flag having 13 stripes.

So, for the first time I've found the Declaration and read through it word by word. An amazing piece of Literature, historic, authoritative and to use modern parlance...Life Affirming.

To think that over here (Blighty) we have no such nor similar document. The closest we get (I think) is the Magna Carta or Great Charter that the Barons forced the King to sign.

17th June 1215

At Junior school we did a very brief outline of the Grand Charter, so as am having a 'finding out' day; I've downloaded a copy of it to read.
I hadn't realised what a lengthy document it is.

The two documents are so different from one another!

The Declaration is as relevant today as when it was written.
The Magna Carta is truly an historic document, but also a snapshot of Medieval life.

So, if you have time and inclination, why not do as I did and read both documents (smile).

Thursday 1 July 2010

It's been a good year for the roses...

Now, as roses leave the 'stage' the fuchsias add colour to the garden. But, I'll miss the roses for their fragrance and colour.

Flowers appear on the runner beans...

Soon it'll be time to pick beans fresh from the garden...

Already we are serial cropping the salad veg (lettuces, radishes and cucumbers)