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Monday 27 September 2010

three wishes?

The lovely Sayre has done an excellent job of hosting Fun Monday for September.
"I'm going to play genie in the lamp - I want to know your heart's desire in the form of three wishes."

Faye has kindly volunteered to provide topics for October. A big Thank You to you both.

I'm going to blame my age as in advancing years, or tis how I feel. But, with age comes contentment?

Go back to my youth and wishes would include
1. Qualifying for my career
2. Finding that 'certain someone'
3. Travelling to Iceland.

All accomplished...

Wishes now? Hm another big Ask...
1. To have known what I know now about sciences/maths and used it in exams at school then folk might not have considered me such a non-entity.
2. To have had the confidence I have now and not been such an anguished teenager.
3....To enjoy my retirement

If, wishes were horses...beggars would ride...

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Sept 20 - Your quiet place

Sayre (bless her) is setting memes for September Fun Mondays...
My quiet the half hour a day 'he' plus doglets leave the house for their constitutional.

Another lies quietly in my mind, to rise unbidden, yet most welcome in the snoozy doze before I must wake to face the day...

Then there are the quiet times when my memory takes me to times past...the echoes of my mind...

this is a no go area

Sayre asks
Sept 13 - Who would be your freebee (person you would leave a relationship for) and why?

Having been ensconced for 30+ years, although 'he' drives me mad...he also keeps me sane.
I could no more envisage leaving than sprout wings n fly...

Sorry, Sayre...nothing else to add... 

Monday 6 September 2010

September - learning

Sarah wants us to look at 'learning something new'.
Faye has written about taking up knitting. Something I've done since before school days. However, there's always something new to learn even for an 'old hand' like me. A friend has introduced me to knitting for charity.
We have a large teaching hospital which includes a specialist eye hospital (St. Paul's). Diabetic retinopathy causes blindness as a result of diabetes.
Add the above and you get...
Me knitting for charity!

As for learning something new?
I am studying with the Open University, and soon I'll face a new challenge. Until now I've done courses at levels 1 and 2.
Now it's time to move up to level 3. 'The environmental web' an online course.