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Tuesday 9 October 2018

After a certain age...

the medics, opticians, dentists and various hospitals become part of everyday lie.

Today at the opticians it was almost easier to list what's working properly than to list various difficulties.

Hip-replacement op will be required probably age over 70 as the penny-pinching NHS opine that it ought not to be done before that age.

Cataracts have appeared and are developing in not one, but both eyes. Otherwise both eyes are healthy and sight remains appropriate to allow me to drive. Still on two-year callback but with the caveat to come back earlier if I notice significant worsening.

Post-herpetic neuralgia will be with me until the end of days.

Tomorrow's appointment at a different major hospital is to investigate shoulder probs. The 'Jury' is out as to whether there are any fractures, whereabouts and how many are to be determined. However, in due time as in a two and a half week wait for the appt.

Himself is not a 'happy bunny' having had a long wait this morning before I came out of the opticians to be taken back home.

How long the wait might be tomorrow is another unknown factor; as too are the charges for parking at the hospital. Two other hospitals let you have the first half-hour 'free'. Scuse the pun, bit time will tell.

This month also entailed a check-up at the dentists - come back in six months...