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Wednesday 3 September 2008


Came across some poems written in darker days, and decided to put them into my blog. Jubilado is the Spanish word for 'retirement'; what a lovely thing to call it. A much better word than our prosaic 'retired'.
Took a course in learning Spanish (introductory) because I wanted to try to understand or grasp a bit of the language.
My studies came in handy on an OUGS trip to Almería in SE Spain. We stayed off the tourist track, ate at the local taverna and I was able to read the menu and make my self understood.
OK, so I didn't end up eating anything and having to guess what it was, but I prefer it that way.


junebug said...

Hi there, Joangee! I was thinking if those wells were full of water, what a funny sight if there was a diving board. Just a crazy thought! :D

joanygee said...

Thanx for commenting. Love you ideas, keep em coming...

The place is in the desert


Used for some of the 'spaghetti westerns'

wendishness said...

Hola mi amiga, great pics, sounds like you had a great holiday, off the tourist trail is always more fun don't you think!

joanygee said...

Yes, much better than the popular places.
Fond memories, sunny days and good company