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Saturday 7 February 2009

the Dust will Wait Hosts Fun Monday

Show me in pictures and/or tell me in words, what defines the place where you live.

First has to be The Bridge
Wherever you go, no matter how you travel you see the Bridge. Should the bridge be impassible or lanes reduced the whole area for miles around snarls up with traffic.

Next, the Airport Hotel former air traffic control tower and listed building.


Pamela said...

So what happens if the bridge gets damaged. Is there another route?

Is the airport on the other side (:

Sayre said...

Oh, I like that airport control tower! Is it used for scenic viewing now? Or is it still commissioned?

joanygee said...

Hi Pamela
When the Bridge had probs you have several choices

Join the queues, and crawl in traffic for hours

Stay home!

Travel another route adding 15 - 20 miles because you still have to avoid queues for that bridge.

Last time we spent an hour just getting to the next bridge up river!

joanygee said...

Hi Sayre

The old airport control tower forms part of the Marriott Hotel near the new airport.
It's a great landmark.