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Tuesday 10 March 2009

time it was, I have a photograph

Preserve you memories, they're all that's left of you (to paraphrase Simon n Garfunkel)

Today, my god-daughter arrived with her mother (my one true friend).
S ought to have attended a business meeting, but 10 minutes away from here, she had a message to say 'Meeting cancelled'.
Having almost reached her destination, she continued and arrived to spend the morning here.
Conversation ranged across topics old and new, as it does when we get together. A n I go back some 45 years so there are a lot of memories.
Dogs as in GSDs figure largely, from the original Shan, thro' Sheba, Major n Kira to our present day canine companions.
Shan was favourite when S was but a toddler, Sheba took over followed by Major.
Toddler S arrived to see Auntie Joanie, barged her way past two puzzled barking dogs saying to them "'lo dogs" then "bye dogs" as she made her way to me.
Another time, S was playing with Major whilst the adults chatted in the garden one sunny summer afternoon. Voice called out "the dog prickled me!"
D quickly extracted S from the pyracantha into which she had tumbled.Even today, S remembers the event well
. Especially as both sets of parents n god-parents had at the time collapsed into fits of laughter.

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