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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Intelligence does not equal commonsense

Years ago I came across someone that was 'super' intelligent. So far above ordinary mortals that to have a conversation with him was difficult.
He'd been one of the boffins who developed RADAR in WWII.
Given chance he'd talk about his various record-breaking acheivements. Only one problem...he very soon lost his audience...
For some their eyes glazed over and they took refuge in thoughts elsewhere. Others, myself included, struggled to understand, losing their way along a convoluted intellectual path.

Yet, his first wife was such a practical down-to-earth soul, his anchor to reality.

Moving on a few years the guy left/divorced wife1 for wife2 and that's where I lost track of them both.

Yet, still I remember that special evening when he attempted to tell his dinner guests about Chain Home and RADAR.

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