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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Here I go again

Time for another update, since I seem to have omitted to do any posting lately.
Here's a few photographs as an update...
Meet Boris, a small pooch with big attitude! Unfortunately, his owners have omitted to train him (sigh). So he charges hell-for-leather at the gate, 'shouting' barking as loudly as he can and runs pell-mell into it.

Charlie cat is an altogether different individual. He lives up the lane with Maisie the garden cat and Molly the house cat. Haven't yet managed to get close-ups of either yet.

Never realised how loud donkeys can be when they bray. This one looks rather laid back. Perhaps it was another that caused the noise!

But, this one too looks docile...

This guy is taller than he seems, I used the telephoto lens as he'd rather inconsiderately decided to remain at the top of the hill.


Jan n Jer said...

Nice photos of all your furry n not so furry friends.

joanygee said...

Thanks Jan (smile) I remembered to charge my camera and had fun taking photos