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Tuesday 28 June 2011


The past few days have seen me in grumpy mode; must be the weather!
Broadcasters have as the saying goes 'got my goat'.
How and why?
There was a news story from the area where I was brought up. The railway line crosses the valley on a majestic-looking viaduct.
In my youth I went over it by steam train. Later, after Mr. Marples had been an 'Ena Sharples' and closed the local stations my journey was by bus and I saw how impressive the viaduct looked.
(Ernest Marples was minister of Transport when the Beeching act closed railways).
Move on to another century, and it's in need of repair. The irritation came for me that several broadcasters couldn't pronounce the name 'Whalley' properly.
Okay, I know in Manchester they have an area called Whalley Range pronounced wally, and onother called Whaley Bridge, pronounced wail-ee.
But the one in Lancashire is pronounced wall-ee.

Earlier today on the radio, presenters did an item about rude/obscene language written on t-shirts worn by youngsters in Newquay.
The town becomes a 'hell-hole' this time of year as it's invaded by post exam students. Teenagers age 16+ going totally alcohol-fuelled dolally in sun, sea and surf...
To some, Newquay is the SW 'answer' to Blackpool; but to me it's a downmarket Blackpool, all slease.

Another summer of anti-social behaviour beckons in Newquay...

Pirate fm news (local radio)
"Lewd t-shirts are being banned too in the latest bid to clean up the resort."

The Independent...
"Newquay has tried to shed its image as the binge-drinking capital after two teenagers died as a result of drunken nights out two years ago. Around 20 drunk and incapable under-age holidaymakers were sent home last year and 1,000 cans and bottles of alcohol confiscated.


Sayre said...

We have a few Newquays around here. Being Florida, we're surrounded by "destinations" where college students go for spring break and tourists come to bask in our sun. We love visitors for the revenue they bring in, but they don't always love us - leaving trash, driving crazily, fighting, crime, and a general inconsiderate attitude makes me absolutely hate Spring Break and Summer Vacationers. I would move from here if I could but my oldsters keep me rooted to the spot for now.

I avoid those places that are the worst - Daytona Beach will never see me on its shores again.

joanygee said...

I hear you! Seems true of holiday resorts in general doesn't it? England's Newquay laps up tourist money too.