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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Not for me

SE England is apparently gearing up to go OTT and crazy for the high jinks looming this weekend.
Some several hundred miles NW there is a different attitude.
I'm getting fed-up of receiving e-mails for companies pleading for orders Before this weekend and preferably a.s.a.p.
There is a consensus that those games will cause massive interference and disruption to all forms of transport whist they take presidence.
An article in today's Guardian
'What London Olympics could learn from the Manchester games' made me smile.

The city council have been making money from the stadia they built for 2002...£millions.
As the saying goes...they are 'laughing all the way to the Bank'.

"Lessons should have been learned – notably, getting an end-user for the stadium tied up well in advance. The council did a deal with Manchester City FC to move from its Maine Road ground – gifted to the council for housing – eastwards across the city to a 48,000-seat stadium, with the athletics track removed. When stadium capacity exceeds 32,000 – as it does at every home game – the council shares ticket proceeds." Guardian 24/07/2012

Oh, and another problem of the 2012 games apart from the security debacle, transport mayhem and London-centric media outpourings...
'They' have claimed sole ownership of all Olympic-type logos and nomenclature.
So. I must not use anything even faintly resembling suchlike images.

1 comment:

Joy said...

I, for one, will be glad when it's all over. What a fuss and bother!!!