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Friday, 26 October 2012


The other weekend I was staying with friends and went to my first Tai Chi class. Sorry to say I was not impressed, but didn't know any better.

Wednesday this week, I caught a later train and went to Manchester with B. It was the Playhouse Theatre which is just over the road from Oxford Road station. Good as it meant less travelling.
Our first disappointment was when we found our usual restaurant had 'closed until further notice'. So we had to find somewhere else. The pub meal was okay but they only did a limited menu.
On our theatre trips we like to end lunch with coffee and something 'naughty' such as cheesecake. Off we went and after queuing, we had coffee and lemon cheesecake (B) and I had chai latte and strawberry cheesecake.
Then on to the theatre.

Forty-second street - lovely costumes, cheerful music and very energetic, skilled dancers. The down-side was the theatre itself. Apparently it had been refurbished, but the seating remains cramped, grab rails too shiny and slippery. Getting to our seats was bad enough, sitting there for 2.5 hours? was a nightmare. Talk about having painfully stiff joints! 

The good news was we had a lovely chat and I said I might go to the Tai-Chi class with B. Hence this morning's efforts. I have to say it was thoroughly enjoyable, greater numbers than the other one and friendlier people. For a small remuneration we had an hour's tuition and either tea of coffee. Then I was invited to join them on their next outing, but unfortunately not convenient but there'll be others.

So next Friday morning? Back to Tai Chi.

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Sayre said...

I did tai chi for a year and it was so good! When you first start, it seems like nothing, but I learned as my body loosened up and became more limber how to be quiet and still in my head - a very rare thing for me. I miss it, and once I can find a time when I can go (used to be Sunday mornings before I started going to church again), I want to start back up. Even though I'm moving my body, it's really an exercise for the mind. Good on you for trying it - and then trying it again!