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Friday 18 January 2013


This little girlie will be joining our family at the beginning of next month.

Two weeks on she's more grown-up
Just look at those ears! She's ahead of herself! Usually it takes far longer for the ears to begin to perk up. Typically the right ear is the first to stand up, followed by the left.

A friend who is very good at drawing animals said she would like to draw Z_pup and of course I said 'Yes.' It won't be for a while but am sure it will be worth the wait.


Faye said...

Oh, happy day! She's a beauty, Joan. We need a new puppy to ooo and awww over on Facebook. Chet and MN Rosie are growing up.

Sayre said...

I have an artist friend who does pet portraits too. She did one of all SIX of our animals and they were wonderful! Aren't we lucky to have people who can immortalize our loved furbabies that way?

I am so in love with your puppy - I am tempted myself, even though I swore that after the current two big dogs go that we'd just have little dogs...

joanygee said...

There's something extra special about puppies isn't there? Having someone do a pet portrait will be a first for me. Neighbour thinks no-one can draw GSDs accurately but I'm sure my friend will do a good job.
Over here they put so many obstacles in the way that I soon gave up the idea of adoption. Hoping we have better weather when we go to collect her. Thanks for stopping by Sayre and Faye.