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Monday, 17 March 2014


Friend's son is a Triumph aficionado. So, she too likes said vehicle type. 
30+ years ago next door and next door but one had Triumphs. At that time himself had been driving Fords of various models. Cortina Mk I, II and III. Friends drove cars of similar vintage. I well remember driving a Mini which had a button on the floor (starter). The car's owner wasn't able to keep it in top notch condition and learnt the hard way when a wheel came off and went thro' a shop window.

Late 70s - early 80s and it was decided I ought to get back on the road. A mark #1 Marina was found and purchased. Gold seal engine but last owner had run out of funds and had to sell. Welding skills were practised and the car was repaired with Dexion shelving, one front wing became mostly filler. It did it's job and I enjoyed driving it. Later we sold it for the same price we bought it £100.

Talking with OH it seems that over the years he had owned 27 Fords. Then he bought an Opel Rekord Ascona Berlina, followed by several larger Opel cars. Opel became Vauxhall Opel and we had several larger models (Commodore). 

Then one fateful day, crossing Dartmoor, the screen went blank. Instead of the traditional dashboard, it had an electronic one. No visible instrumentation of any kind whatsoever!
We made our way to Helston and a garage where they attempted repairs. Several hours later...
Result? A connection had come loose. Once reconnected 'normality' resumed.

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