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Saturday 14 June 2014

Own goal

Before anyone imagines this post is remotely connected with events in Latin worries.

Hillsborough dominates headlines and has done for many, many years. 
It haunts Merseyside and Liverpool in particular.

Looking thro' news headlines yesterday and today I noticed the growing bru-ha-ha concerning an attempt the Sun 'newspaper's' attempt to do a mailshot. Normally, it would not be 'newsworthy', but the latest Labour leader made a faux pas.

First there was the storm in a teacup over Skelmersdale posties refusing to deliver/handle that 'rag'. 

Then Ed Mlliband made an unforced error.

Quoting from the Liverpool Echo

Ed Miliband has said sorry to those he offended by his decision to pose with a copy of the Sun newspaper.

The full statement issued by the Labour party today read: "Ed Miliband was promoting England's bid to win the World Cup and is proud to do so.

"But he understands the anger that is felt towards The Sun over Hillsborough by many people in Merseyside and he is sorry to those who feel offended."

The Sun newspaper (rag) is abhorred on Merseyside. Hence, when the Labour 'leader' posed with that paper, no matter what the reason, he scored an own goal. Merseysiders have a proud heritage. Jokingly, Liverpool is referred to as the Capital of Ireland; it has a large Irish population, dating back to the days of the Potato Famine.

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