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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Harking back and looking forward

24th Nov 2014 - emergency op
4th Dec 2014 - discharged home
5th Dec 2014 - visit by District nurse and staples removed
11th Dec 2014 - discharged by District nurse service

22nd Jan 2015
Not having heard anything from the hospital, I decided to see my GP. Had to wait a week, but appt day was today. 

Now I know there was an Appendicular abscess that had formed and needed removal. I am apparently 'progressing well', and GP stressed how big the operation was...

It is okay to feel weary and to rest.
Take things easy, look after yourself, especially diet and mobility.
Not to worry if I sleep during the day.
Have some paracetamol if/when needed. 

Just been 'chatting' with friend in Australia who's in a similar situation. She's got some advantages tho'. Age is on her side, she's quite a few years younger, and they did keyhole surgery. 

Onward to Feb. 10th and my appt at the hospital. for a check-up.

The calendar is filling up with appts once more. D has a pre-op appt. 10 days after me, and at a more accessible hospital.


Joy said...

It must be a relief to know that your issues are 'normal'. You do sound a lot happier now. I'm glad.
J x

joanygee said...

Yes, knowing you are doing 'as expected' is a big relief. Can't help wanting to get better faster! Thought I'd try Tai Chi today, but too tired when I returned from grocery shop. Patience, patience today's watchword. Jx