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Monday 20 July 2015

non pc

As a former colleague would have called it, 'the whited sepulchre syndrome'.

Some are lucky enough to pass thro' the working side of life without much trauma. I'm not saying there's is a charmed working life; far from it. They experience trials and tribulations that rock the proverbial boat...but not to the same extent.

What's brought on the negativity? Article in a newspaper about a 10-year anniversary.

Ten years ago there was an horrific murder of a young Christian lad whose life had been full of promise. Youths from the same school decided to do what they'd call 'have a laugh, a bit of fun'. It ended with an axe embedded in A.W.'s skull. Today, ten years on, one of the murderers has applied to have his sentence reduced. Imagine the effect that has on the family of A.W.

The news report printed images of both of the murderers. 

It has brought back memories for the family and the friends...and schoolteachers. 

What about the non pc? Folk seldom realize these 'miscreants' spent time in school and some hapless folk came across them in the classroom for several years.

'Whited sepulchre' - a reference to staffroom discussion of the failings of several head of whom earned the epithet...

'I see no ships...There are No Problems'.


Joy said...

I'm sorry this has brought back dark memories. Wiwhing all affected well.
J x

joanygee said...

Thank you Jx