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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Wandering thro' genealogy

Strathclyde Uni are hosting a genealogy MOOC. Totally free and in week 2 mire interesting.

Being led away from standard searches and invited to find out by using a more rounded approach. 

The Sidebottom family in the High Peak.

Samuel born late 18th century / early 19th century (yet to be determined)
Dau. Sarah married in All saints Church, Glossop 1853

This is where the fluid movement of folk cross county makes problems.

The town of Glossop and village of Hayfield vary in importance over the centuries with Glossop becoming an assemblage of villages and hamlets clustered round various churches. Hayfield's hamlets remained affiliated to the Parish church of St, Matthew until the growth of sundry non-conformist chapels.

Now for week 3 and delving deeper. Learning to use wildcard* searches.

What is an effective search?

  • One that returns results on highly likely matches
  • One that returns results on the correct individuals
  • One that doesn’t overwhelm you with too many results
  • One that doesn’t underwhelm you with too little or no results.

Thro' the good offices of the O.U. my searching methods are already pretty good. Now they ought to be even better!

Seems the use of multiple genealogy sites is recommended.

Anc£$try is expensive
Find My Past is better value for money and gives loyalty discounts
Then there are multiple freebies.

Comparisons are the way to go.

FMP alone has the 1939 register, a mine of useful information
Anc£$try has some of the weirder info from nooks & crannies.

....wandering happily along continues

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