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Saturday 9 April 2016

In more innocent times

Someone would ask...what is black and white and re[a]d all over?

To which the correct response would be.. a newspaper.

Today cynicism 'rules' and without recourse to actually reading something 'with understanding' far too many 'shoot from the lip'.

I would not normally embrace such Americanisms, but that one rings true.

'Shoot from the hip' has been conflated with 'to give someone lip' or 'to be lippy'. Lippy meaning impertinence.

Far too often in these days of persistent 'social media' folk post in haste with scarcely a nod towards anything resembling truth.

Publication over several pages of the 'news story' concerning the Archbishop of Canterbury in the 'Daily Torygraph' has been bruited abroad willy-nilly.

The articles are in the 'Torygraph' that bastion of all things upper class. Not a red-top, nor the home of tabloid journalism. One of several papers whose reporters are tasked with writing text for those well above the standard reading age of 10 years. 

 Long gone are the days when newspapers earned such epithets as the 'Thunderer'. Nowadays folk apparently lack the ability or willingness to search for truthful reporting. Instead their appetites have been whetted to seek 'down and dirty news'  and the more scurrilous the better!

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