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Monday, 22 July 2019

Pre-op assessment

Arrived well in time for appt. a good half-hour early. 
Apart from it being 4th corridor on the right instead of 3rd, no probs.

Pre-op receptionist C***g proved to be the original jobsworth. Usually, reception is happy to take details from your appt. letter. No way, instead of using the appt. notice, this guy wanted to check all details 

Fortunately, nurse J****e was pleasant and cheerful. Poor girl was in charge of swabs.

Then it was Can***e who took me thro' reams of questions. She had a 2nd-year student nurse with her. Part-Jokingly I said I'd been taking deep, calming breaths. 
Student took my blood pressure which was surprisingly low 90/63 so she did an old-fashioned pulse check. A.O.K. Heart rate 70! 

Next, it was off to another wing of the hospital. If only someone had said, 'Ground floor'. Took a while to get our bearings; then it was E.C.G. followed by bloods.

Ch**s who did the E.C.G. was, later was the guy who did the bloods. 
Quote, 'don't let anyone tell you there's any problems; you have fine veins, but they flow well'.

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