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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Gannets the human sort

Gannets feed by flying high and circling before plunging... An apt description of the coffin-chasers' attracted by the idea of gaining from someone's demise.

Have only just returned from a final farewell.

To say my hackles rose is to put it mildly. 

My recently departed friend has had her funeral interfered with, modified by the Gannets.

'M' was a person of Maths, calculations and organisation to the nth degree. She did not care much for music. Hence, my ire as 'Onward Christian Soldiers' blared out from loudspeakers. 

The Gannets had co-opted a priest to conduct the obsequies. Poor man being typically ill-informed; went thro' his prepared discourse.


'M' followed football EVERTON... So, priest burbling about Liverpool showed how out of touch the Gannets are.

2009 'M' retired thro' ill-health but kept on giving help (accountancy) to people she knew.

Her business MJM standing for Mavis, Joseph and Mary. 

When she took up 'working' for charity; MJM became the Christian names of the three neighbours.

Then Lois attempted the Eulogy, proof positive of the family's ignorance. Called her and the rest of the Gannets 'next of kin' being a glaring misnomer. She spoke, but her words only served to show how estranged the Gannets had become from 'M'.

No love lost and 'M' typically forthright excluded with reason one of their number. She told her solicitor there must be nothing for 'R' he's a criminal. That made the solicitor blench. 'M' had her way!

The  deliberately kept away from 'M' for over two decades. Little wonder they were ignorant knowing naff-all that really mattered to my friend.

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