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Friday 19 June 2009

flaming June and I do not mean the weather!

  1. dog-powered flight! led to black eye n fractured ribs
  2. Cornwall friends -1 as guy died suddenly
  3. Good news! The arrival of baby girl Evie Grace, daughter of Simon n Shelley
1. Take 2 large GSDs on leads, stand at caravan door n be hauled out as they chase after something
Land uncomfortably on grass, nose bleeding, one dog loose n other standing over you seeming concerned. Realise life has become painful.

2. Guy has argument with wife (again) goes missing (again) but unlike previous times fails to return home. Police find him deceased. Chaos n limbo ensue cos he needed to by identified, before post mortem to be followed by inquest.
Guy leaves behind a minefield of problems for widow to sort out i.e. debts etc.
Ex-wife makes a nuisance of herself thus upsetting n greatly annoying widow.
Series of vicious circles, inquest therefore only interim death certificate, police hang on to personal possessions including wallet, driving license and credit cards. Widow stymied unable to do much apart from organise funeral but ex-wife interferes.

3. Some good news! Simon n Shelley celebrate the safe arrival (today) baby Evie Grace 8lb 10oz. Time for me to finish n post crochet baby clothes n card

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