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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

ages ago

I thought it was time for an update, then life went pear-shaped in Cornwall.

When on holiday, one doesn't expect to learn that a friend has died suddenly, nor that the grieving widow wants to rely on you for as long as you can be **useful**

Neither does one want to become **piggy in the middle** between "warring" widow and ex-wife of the deceased.

So, as both females *lost it* and independently chucked their toys out of their pram as the saying goes...Good riddance to both say I.

Rites of passage such as funerals are public events, so relict stood no chance of banning wife no 1 from the funeral. Fortunately, we decided to stay home as it was too far to travel.

I know that an inquest was scheduled, but as communications with relict broke down, unless I ask/pay for copy of death certificate, I'll remain none the wiser.

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