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Friday, 23 October 2009


Autumn brought news of times past. Sad news of one of my former teachers who has died aged 82.
This led to reminiscences of school days, 1960s, 1970s, junior and grammar schools.
Junior school where dinners were cooked centrally at a local secondary school and delivered by van. Teachers ate in the tiny staff room, the Hall was used by pupils and overseen by martinet dinner ladies. In the last year, I was given the responsibility of serving lunch to the teachers...
Each day, Linda and I arrived early to do 11+ practice tests before giving out hymn books for morning assembly. The rest of Miss Astley's class did their 11+ practice while we collected in and stacked away the books in their cupboard. How different school was! We were expected to remain silent and were given stars at the end of the day to reward us.
Needlework/ embroidery was taught to the girls and our reward in the Summer Term was for a small group to spend the afternoon doing embroidery in the company of the Headmistress in her office.

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