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Saturday 24 October 2009

who was who

Latin -Miss Mills and briefly Mr Walker aka Ducky
English - Miss Kippax Mrs Davies Mrs Tyson Miss Helm aka omelette
Maths - Miss Haslam (horizontal striped dress on her portly frame)also attempted to teach tennis - back stroke like a golf swing... Mrs Kaye lovely lady, never taught me; but opened her home once a week to share her love of music with sixth formers (opera, tea n biscuits)member of Huddersfield Choral Society, Manchester Philharmonic Society; husband taught Maths at CRGS boys school
Music - the inimitable Charlie Myers Fellow of the Royal Schools of Music (more mouth move-ment)
French - Miss Shackleton Mr Moss (form tutor U4 alpha)Mrs England (formerly teacher of the deaf)
Physics - Miss Hetherington lovely lady, encouraged saving with Yorkshire Penny Bank
Chemistry - Mr Brown (you there, Girl)cream - scum that rises to the top
Biology - Miss Bottomley best topic most useful for GCE was life story of a spider
Domestic Science - Mrs Forster - dictated instructions - how to iron handkerchief!
History - Miss Kate Glisbey (Sixth form tutor 6G)
Geography - Miss Rawes (my inspiration)

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