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Monday, 28 December 2009

fun Monday

Gattina asks about Christmas decoration(s) special to you.

I'd thought of taking pix of perhaps the tree, wreath on the front door or other sparklies; then I had another idea.
THE Christmas decoration that means the most to me is 60 miles away in my home town. They have been putting out a Nativity scene at the entrance to the Castle grounds for longer than I've been around.

Each year, Christmas was made special when my Dad took me to see the Nativity scene.

Yes, there are similar scenes near where I live, but none have the special magical appeal of the one that was part of my childhood.

Now, I read that idiot 'revellers' have stolen 5 of the figures! They have even broken off a wing from the angel... I feel so upset, so annoyed. How could they do that and why?
Councillor Robinson added: "There is little else I can say to express my disgust, other than to suggest perhaps the town should not provide a crib next year?"

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