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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

she's done it!

What has she done?

Bought a shiny new Mac book Pro and begun the long, fascinating journey into the World of Mac...

Okay, own up the hype about 'ease' of use is both true AND false at the same time.
The keyboard is a delight to use. But, who decided to 'simplify life by removing the hash key!!!
Luckily, I found a blog with useful tips including the gem that
alt +3 gives...# the missing hash key. Jumping for joy...
Yes, the movies to instruct how to do various things are good, but is the difference between Mac n Windoze so great? Time will tell.

Of course, life would have been a lot simpler if I hadn't needed to reset router to default, reconfigure and redo everything.

And there are lots more things to do/redo such as teach Safari my preferred sites, learn to get it to use Lastpass?

Just been experimenting with iphoto! Stunned amazement at it's recognition of places!

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