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Tuesday 16 February 2010

Part 2 RAK moi?

Jill being an absolute treasure, set FM topics for two weeks, hence Part 2

By far a more difficult thing to write as I tend not to bruit abroad (sound off) about doing things for others, prefering RAK just to happen between me and someone else.

Our newest neighbour lives alone except for her two GSD companions. (German Shepherd Dogs).

When she first moved in the previous occupants had left the place in need of a lot of attention. So she wouldn't use the kitchen cooker as not only was it unsafe, it was filthy! The previous occupants were very heavy smokers...imagine the niccotine staining!

For several months NN (new neighbour) used her standard microwave for cooking. I only found out when she asked if I'd boil some eggs for her.

NN is fiercly independent, an admirable trait. So no use asking her to come for a meal as that'd be "charity".

That gave me an idea...tis as easy to cook for 3 as for 2...
I love cooking, n himself is fond of casseroles, home-made soups, quiches n so on...
So, why not pass across a portion or two for NN?

Now, a year on NN transformed her kitchen but cooking for 1 means she's unlikely to do quiches and rarely makes casseroles. So, this week when I make quiche, NN will have her share and today's cottage pie will also provide me with another RAK opportunity.


Faye said...

There's something very satisfying about sharing food that you've cooked from scratch(is this an expression you understand in the UK? :-)Especially when it comes out well. Sounds like you've managed to be a good neighbor without being intrusive. I have that kind of neighbor--best kind. I'd love to live beside some GS dogs!

joanygee said...

Yes, Faye cooking from scratch is the same here.
Something I love to do and find relaxing.

Typically English of me but I don't like to intrude. Or as NN says be in your pocket...
We've developed into a share n share alike kind of friendship.
Himself is busying himself showing NN how to improve her garden. Yesterday they planted raspberry canes.
As for GSDs think of our postman! Two neighbouring houses each with two GSDs (smile)
He now opens the porch door to leave parcels, doesn't even bother to ring the doorbell.
Than you for your kind comments
Much appreciated...

Jill said...

How very nice! I am glad you found a good opportunity for an act of kindness for your neighbor! I am sure it was much appreciated! Thanks for playing

Sayre said...

What a lovely way to show you care. If NN is not only alone but elderly, it's a double kindness as people like that don't seem to eat quite properly to get all the nutrition they need. To them, it seems like a lot of effort for just one person. Making sure she's getting some protein and greens is also a kindness to her body as well as her soul.

Living Life said...

Very nice to share your home cooked meals with the neighbor. I'm sure NN will totally appreciate it!

Jan n Jer said...

I am lucky to have nice neighbors also...friendly n caring but not intrusive. I try to be the same to them...and lend a helping hand when needed. thanks for sharing

wendishness said...

Did my earlier comment go through? I got an error message :(

BTW I'm hosting FM next week!