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Monday 27 September 2010

three wishes?

The lovely Sayre has done an excellent job of hosting Fun Monday for September.
"I'm going to play genie in the lamp - I want to know your heart's desire in the form of three wishes."

Faye has kindly volunteered to provide topics for October. A big Thank You to you both.

I'm going to blame my age as in advancing years, or tis how I feel. But, with age comes contentment?

Go back to my youth and wishes would include
1. Qualifying for my career
2. Finding that 'certain someone'
3. Travelling to Iceland.

All accomplished...

Wishes now? Hm another big Ask...
1. To have known what I know now about sciences/maths and used it in exams at school then folk might not have considered me such a non-entity.
2. To have had the confidence I have now and not been such an anguished teenager.
3....To enjoy my retirement

If, wishes were horses...beggars would ride...


Jill said...

Ha! I used 'if wishes were horses' in my post, too! I know my wishes have changed a lot over the years and I am sure they will again!

Sayre said...

I hear you! As I watch my son doing the same things I did in school, I wish I could tell him that it won't turn out well - If I'd actually used the brains I had rather than skating through school, my current financial situation might be much different. Maybe not. But I would feel much more satisfied with myself if I had.

It's nice to be in a place where you are actually content.

Molly said...

I am glad that you accomplished your first set of wishes. Now, time to enjoy your retirement. Are you recently retired? I retired in June. Since I taught school and always had the summer off, only now does retirement seem real.

Jan n Jer said...

Those are great wishes...I am like you at this point in my life...contentment. Maybe my wish would be to find a cure for cancer..such a horrible disease.

joanygee said...

You are so right Jill, our wishes change over time.
Molly, my working life ended up being a constant nightmare. Fortunnately I was granted early retirement 8 years ago. I too was in teaching and I love my reversed weeks. Now leave the weekends to the workers becaue I have all their work days in which do as I want.
So true Sayre, it's tempting to want to put wise heads on young shoulders.
Thank you all for stopping by, greatly appreciated.

joanygee said...

Jan your comment strikes a chord. Oh, if only there would be a cure for the various cancers. I was thinking only today of the people I miss because they are around no longer and those that succumbed to cancer.

Faye said...

The older we get the more regret most of us feel for lost opportunities of our youth, don't you think? You seem to be in a very good place in your life right now, Joan.

Come over to my place on Wednesday to sign up for Oct. 4 Fun Monday--let's keep a good thing going.

joanygee said...

Thank you Faye! I'm looking forward to finding out your choice of topics for Fun Monday.

ari_1965 said...

I hope you enjoy your retirement.