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Wednesday 5 October 2011

Fall colours

Apologies for not posting yesterday. At long last I've completed my course for this year, but it meant not doing anything else but focus on the final project yesterday.

A big Thank You to Faye at Summit Musings! 
Pyracanthus - so many berries this year. Some say a hard winter is in prospect; I hope not.


Faye said...

Love, love, love pyracanthus--even with those prickles. Looks like you have a great show this year, Joan. We just got winter weather predictions from a local "sage" and he says we're in for a hard January. I don't mind, so long as internet does go out and there's plenty books to read.

Congratulations on finishing your course--what a relief to not have that hanging over your head.

joanygee said...

Many thanks, Faye.

Jan n Jer said...

Pryracanthus is such a pretty shrub
those orange berries really show it off!
Congrats on finishing your course..kudos to you!

Pamela said...

Do birds eat them? I'm always looking for something to put in my yard that will attract the feather bearers.

They are beautiful!

joanygee said...

Thank you Janis.
Yes, Pamela birds do eat the berries but not when there's plenty of other food around.