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Wednesday 5 October 2011

Sayre asked what do people crave when the weather gets cooler? I'm late joining in; but it's such a good topic, I didn't want to let it slip by.

Agreeing with Sayre, yes cooler weather is soup weather especially when there's a glut of tomatoes.
Tiny Vittoria tomatoes...goodness what a lot of them and they keep on coming

Home-grown onions
It's also time for casseroles...and

Not forgetting apples, eaters and baking varieties. Perfect for making crumble. Home-made crumble usually turned out more like shortcake biscuits...
Now with my halogen oven the crumble is just that, lovely and crumbly. Make the filling and crumble topping as usual; the only difference is to wrap it in foil before putting the dish on the low rack. Halogen ovens cook very quickly. It took a bit of trial and error, hence saying use the low rack. I added some pear to the apple, no need to add any sugar to the fruit.

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Joy said...

What wonderful photos of garden produce. :0)))
J x