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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Once there was

something called 'FirstClass' it was the online communication portal for OUSA and the OU. OUSA - OU Students Association. That was where I learnt that click-of-the-mouse friendships could and did grow connecting folks far and wide.
I joined some groups and we chatted away sharing all sorts. There we learned to practise netiquette and developed our own dos and don'ts. I was fortunate to meet face-to-face with some people and that made online friendships even more special. 

I did a course called 'You, your computer and the Internet'. That OUSA group known as T171 Survivors was particularly active. The online conference was always busy with dings and flags popping up as posts were sent. They had a yearly get-together near Harrogate, and one year I decided to join them. We had a lovely time and it was good to put faces to names. 

Another very active group was the Dog House where we shared our joys and woes and the antics of our K9 companions. I like to think we became a close-knit group. One stalwart was DD affectionately known as Duracell Dusty. Not wanting it to 'rain on my keyboard' I won't say much more. 

Why write now? Well, yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of DD's crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Today someone posted a collage of DD's support group and I thought I'd share it here to celebrate the friendship groups that grew up courtesy of FC (FirstClass).

OUSA Dog House

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