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Wednesday 17 April 2013


A click on the mouse friend is fond of owls; so it was good to find a website about crochet owls and let her know.
Traditionally owls are associated with wisdom and learning. They appear on congratulations greetings.

The collective noun is  a Parliament of Owls
In his Narnia series The Silver Chair, C.S.Lewis describes a parliament of owls that meets to discuss events and to give advice. I wonder if my delight in owls might come from reading Lewis?
Two more owls of the literary kind spring to mind:
Winnie the Pooh's 'Wol' and TH White's 'Once and future king' where Wart is change into and owl. This is shown most amusingly in the Disney cartoon film.

Thinking back, there was once a farm park (name forgotten) near Penzance.  The day we went there was a talk and display about owls. We got up close and personal as the saying goes with some of the owls. That's an experience never to be forgotten. How thin the neck is under its layers of feathers and how heavy an owl can be when it's on the glove on your hand.

So like my friend, I too have a love of owls.

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