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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Two a penny

Another day and yet another storm in a teacup. With Auntie Beeb twisting her undergarments into knots.

Why all the fuss and bother? Apparently, the other part of the present coalition (am tempted to say Rump*) needed to hit the headlines. Late September, early October is the political pantomime season here in good old Blighty. Note not 'UK' that would make another blog post.

Last week the Unions held their conference (TUC). This week the focus is on Glasgow where Nick and his lot are hoping for a share in the limelight. They have been talking about plastic bags beloved of supermarket checkouts, despaired by environmentalists! And, wait for it...the idea is proposed for 2015? Nick talking as though his party will still have a say-so after the election? Dream on, dear boy.

According to the Yorkshire Post, an Ipsos Mori poll shows 45% of his party is unhappy. 

So one of out Celtic nations led the way, did they? 
Wales - the Welsh Assembly 2011 introduced a levy on plastic bags. So what? That's just a tad late in the day as Ireland led the way in 2003!

Now Nick is blethering on about introducing a similar idea in 2015...what a joke! His idea is half-hearted, only applicable to larger stores and supermarkets. Take a look across the Irish Sea, Nick they beat you to it 10 years ago and did it more thoroughly.

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Joy said...

A step in the right direction though, albeit a titchy one.
J x