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Sunday 28 December 2014

Recuperation slower than anticipated

It's no wonder everything is out of kilter in my personal world.

When you've spent several weeks losing interest in food / being unable to cope with the hospital food on offer, it should come as no surprise.

Having been discharged from hospital and the ministrations of the district nurses team, I am not suddenly 100%. 

It's not just a case of mending physically, there's some psychological mending to do as well. At the beginning of my stay in hospital, I seemed to spend countless time aiming to accomplish simple tasks. How to move and sit up in bed. How to manoeuvre from bed to chair. How long to stay sitting in the chair by the bed. How to cope with the hustle and bustle that accompanied each and every group of staff that came on the ward throughout the day. Taking meds (tablets) four times a day. That involved a lot of kerfuffle as the trolley was propelled from bed to bed. One particular nurse showed quite clearly how much she hated doing those rounds, either that or she could not have cared less. She propelled the meds trolley not caring where it went or what it bumped in to. It was as tho' she was doing her personal dodgems game.

Throughout my stay my worst nightmare was 'doctor god'. Okay, so he'd passed  his exams, but had plainly missed / failed the patient communications, bedside manner part. Some folk like me have 'floating veins', ones that can be seen (only just) but dodge out of the way of needles. After a few days my hands, arms in particular the inner elbows were a swollen mass of bumps and bruises. 

As for recuperation, it continues slowly, mind and body are taking their time. 


Joy said...

J x

joanygee said...

Many thanks Jx

Sayre said...

Unfortunately, you cannot rush healing. It takes time to knit cells together and for pain to abate. That said, you ARE healing and it is a matter of time before you are feeling more yourself again.

Perhaps now is a time to take up a sedentary hobby? Knitting, crocheting, embroidery? Or maybe painting? I tried that finally and discovered that I loved it!

Keep on keeping on... you will get there soon enough.

joanygee said...

Many thanks Sayre, I am on the mend, and it is dreadfully slow. I love knitting and crochet, but haven't the patience just now. Gosh that sounds dreadful, lazy me.