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Tuesday 12 May 2015

End of another era

This colourful set of new builds belongs to Liverpool University.

They are across from the original Archbishop Blanch school. I put 'original' as in time all things do pass. There's a brand new build further away from the city centre, a brown-field development.

The OU have been using ABHS for over a decade and both students and tutors have enjoyed going there. It was a better venue than the Arts College where not only were we not made welcome; parking was 'impossible'. 

Today 16th May was my final tutorial with 'my' tutor. Three of us turned up and were joined by the tutor.
Suffice it to say - I'm really glad I went to ABHS last Saturday (by mistake) as that tutor helped his students and I far more than the guy this week. Many thanks Dr. Pete you did a sterling job and allowed me to make a good start last Thursday. If I'd waited any longer I'd have been in a right pickle.

After all those happy years, it's all change. The OU asked places to tender bids to host tutorial sessions from Sept. 2015. ABHS lost out to Hope Uni which is a lot further out of town.

This is taken from the grounds of ABHS looking more towards the city's 'learning zone' Liverpool Uni and RLHT

The tower cranes in the background are where the massive modernisation of the hospitals is taking place. One large area containing the Royal Liverpool and incorporating St. Paul's Eye Hospital and the Linda McCartney Trust.

Goodbye ABHS, I've enjoyed going to tutorials there.

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