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Friday 15 May 2015

Good news day!

For a while now a click of the mouse friend has been counting down the time left until retirement. That happy news has been boosted by an announcement today.

I friend I have known for a long, long time (since we were teenagers) has been Head of a Lancs. C. of E. Primary School. He's always been a very hard worker. Then, today brings the news that he's been granted early retirement! I am so pleased for him, he deserves to have a long, happy retirement. 

Taken from the school newsletter
Staff Changes in September – Retirements
I would like to let you know that there will be significant staff changes from September.
 After 38 years of teaching, 20 at this school, I have decided that it is time to change direction, so I am letting you know of my retirement as headteacher at the end of the Summer Term. The Governors were informed of my decision earlier this week and the process to find both short term cover for my role, and a permanent replacement headteacher has begun. I am sure that the Governors will work hard to find the right person for the job, with guidance from the local authority and the diocese. I am also sure that there will be time for goodbyes later in the term.

1 comment:

Joy said...

I hope he is very happy in the new phase of his life.
J x