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Monday 4 January 2016

Goods and services?

The start of the New Year and thinking that the refuse collection would happen in the early hours c 7 a.m. for once we put the bins out overnight. Did they come then, no they did not. They turned up in the afternoon. Changing the collection day from Fridays to Mondays has been challenging when you've spent goodness knows how many years on the other system.

In another schedule change, we decided to do Thursday's shopping today. That was a good plan. Roads and shop were quiet and we were back by 10 a.m.

Next, our friendly window cleaner arrived to do his usual good offices. He was taken aback when he noticed the results of my fall (Dec. 30th 2015)
Truth to tell, I am mending well. After all it is over two years since the last time I measured my length.

Coincidentally, I have a G.P. review tomorrow morning, but not with my usual G.P.
I'm told the guy has good English skills and OH has nothing but praise for him. Time will tell. Here was me hoping for a 'rubber stamp' appointment, but I guess falling might be discussed. I was putting it down to tempus fugit, but some reading up leads me to think it might be a Vit. D absorption problem. I've spent since last June taking additional Calcium and occasional Vit. D. top-ups. There's something called short bowel syndrome and I guess my op in Nov. 2014 might have contributed to it.

Fingers crossed the G.P. does not find any other underlying problems.


Sayre said...

I will also keep my fingers crossed, though falling is a slippery slope, so to speak. Unless you know the reason, it's good to have it investigated.

joanygee said...

Thank you Sayre. G.P. just said to make sure abrasions are kept clean and to let nature take its course.