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Monday 11 January 2016

Long ago

in the days before retirement...

Downward from Ladybower dam.
Somewhere I used to go in July to do a fieldwork investigation

Birchinlee village aka 'Tin Town'

Constructed to house and cater for the workers involved in the Derwent Valley construction project. 

The Secret Valley - is the name of a booklet written about the construction of the reservoirs down the valley. It's full of images to show the removal and destruction of the villages, and farms that disappeared under the reservoirs.

Most unusually, construction took place during WWII. 

One of the dams, Derwent has the two valve control towers crenelated and shaped like towers belonging to a castle.

That dam provided a practice site for the Dambusters raid as can be seen in the film 633 Squadron.

There have been a number of anniversaries when the valley has played host to vintage aircraft such as the Lancaster.

Unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence as it was in the days before digital photography and the aircraft flew past too fast. But, in the 1980s I was there when a pair of Phantoms (jet aircraft) beat down the valley. I still remember the sight and sounds as they roared past. What amused us was the group of students was frightened and tried to hide. The staff by contrast were looking skywards to enjoy the experience.

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