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Thursday 11 August 2016

NH uselesS

Neighbours of mine (single ladies) that live next door and next door but one make a formidable duo. They are charity fundraisers despite their poor health. One has Menieres and the other is registered blind. 

At the beginning of this week the latter had a hospital appt. for the Laser Dept. of our Teaching Hospital. 

Tis the 'holiday season' when that teaching hospital has increased absences thro' holidays by staff and volunteers alike. Hence some areas are without staff, no reception and so on. With great difficulty, the ladies made their way to the clinic only to be told it 'was not there' as they were without Reception Staff. I'm omitting details of the rudeness of a senior staff member.

Returning to main reception...the ladies came across the 'helpful' receptionist that gave my blind friend verbal instructions / directions to another clinic - turn left, left etc. Then when told of the person's disability said that as there's no volunteers, no-one could aid said blind person.

Finally my friends made it to a different part of the hospital; where a nurse in charge also failed to notice that the person with the long white stick is 'really' blind. This was after they'd had an 'interview' with her.

Enough said.

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