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Tuesday 9 August 2016

Taken by surprise

Opening up social media at the start of the day (as you do) I was greeted by reference to and pictures of the Ribble Valley.

August 2016 and folk are still relaxing with children playing in the river Ribble.
To think that as children, we'd grab towels and swimwear then head to the river.
We always went across the bridge to the other (Yorkshire) side.
I taught myself to swim in that river and almost drowned myself once.

 Downham Brook
Paddling in and along the brook that flows thro' the village.

Under the bridge Downham Brook
Turn back time some 60 years and that would have been me exploring the brook.

Very few vehicles in those days.
We got the bus to Downham, taking sandwiches and a flask of tea.
 A large flask with a separate glass bottle that fitted in the cup and was to contain the milk.

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