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Monday 17 October 2016

Assheton, Derby, Delacy, Lumb and llewellyn

Assheton and the village of Downham
Derby, as in Lord Derby
Delacy as in the Lords of the Manor of the Honor of Clitheroe

Three 'houses' named after various Lords and the other two, 
Lumb and Llewellyn past headmistresses. 

The Assheton family have controlled the villages of Downham and Twiston since 1558.
Visitors to the picturesque village of Downham will look in vain for telephone poles and lines. Yes, the village was connected to the telephone system; but the then Lord Assheton did not want the landscape marred. Similarly, there are no TV aerials, satellite dishes, road markings, nor indeed a village name post. A village stuck to all intents and purposes in the 1950s. The Manor house, is home to the Assheton family and the village dwellings are all rented from the Asshetons. 

Derby - Lord Derby

The Stanleys were Earls of Derby
They had connection with Clitheroe and with William Shakespeare.
'Prescott Playhouse' was the only purpose built theatre in England apart from Shakespeare's 'Globe'.

De Lacy sometimes written Delacy
De Lacy Street leads off Castle View, Clitheroe and was originally a steep, cobbled street of terraced houses, with one gas lamp half-way up on the side with most houses.
The De Lacy family were Lords of the Manor of the Honor of Clitheroe.

Miss Lumb former headmistress



Rachel Flowers said...

Hellooo, here via Joys lovely blog. I love finding new blogs to read :-) 'Twas your comment about pegging out - think we are in the same part of the world!

joanygee said...

Hi Rachel. Welcome and thanks for cottoning on. Fellow Lancastrian here. Unlike the lovely Joy, I only post intermittently.