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Monday 10 October 2016

What a taradiddle

is a highly implausible story; often told as an excuse...

There are so many, it's difficult to choose. Media reports no matter where they stem from, all now seem fatuous  Whether it's across the pond, or across the Channel nothing rings true. In fact I'm tempted to abide by Simon and Garfunkel's motto - I get all the news I want in the weather reports.

The more I hear, read or watch of the on-going circus across the pond; the less I understand. Social media is cram-jam full of media reports, and last night's 'debate' was followed blow by blow on one of our premier broadcasting networks. From time to time I've heard snippets of interviews. Various folk attempting plausible deniability in all shapes and forms. One poor deluded soul opined that by voting for a billionaire, some of that largess would come their way. Crass, insensitive and frankly obnoxious views / opinions broadcast by a billionaire are swept under the political carpet. Similar words expressed over here would doubtless be seized on avidly by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Having had a look see, I'm wiser in some of the differences in 'freedom of speech'.
Our neighbours across the pond have a different idea to those in good old Blighty.

In the UK originally, as in the Magna Carta of 1215 - the freedom of expression was permitted as long as the law did not prevent it.

Then there's the aftermath from the 3rd week in June. 
Speculation is rife verbal and investment-wise. It is selling newspapers, providing fillings for column centimetres. Social media is awash with 'impassioned' verbiage. Carping and criticising, bemoaning and making spurious allegations turning individuals and groups of people against each other. 
The bitter irony being that the individual whose much vaunted 'promises' at party conferences and scribed in his manifesto started the rot. He preened, strutted and pontificated on and from the political stage...before lighting his promised touchpaper. Only to slink off and wash his hands of the consequences. Now society is riven; the media are fuelling dissent and fanning the flames of confrontation. 

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