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Monday 12 July 2021


 Sometimes, the buying on-line finger strikes When with the OU it was the registration finger. I purchased a new vacuum cleaner, but found out when it arrived (speedily) and put together, it was too small. A disadvantage of buying online being that images can be deceptive. Thankfully the Company were happy to give permission to return it to them.

Next Oops came when printing out the delivery label. Suddenly, the laptop decided it could not work with the printer and vice-versa.

Reading tech updates from The Register: Enterprise Technology News and Analysis, the problem stemmed from a W10 update. M-soft were going to 'work on it'. fortunately, HP were a lot quicker off the mark. Instructions, and links to download fix were  easily accessible yesterday. Problem solved.

Traditionally, problems happen in 3s. This morning having duly packaged and labelled the box, we went to the local Pick-up Shop. Just in time as whilst the parcel acceptance was underway, the shop owner instructed the assistant not to accept any 'large' parcels. Huge sigh of relief! The package was accepted in the nick-of-time.

Unlike younger folks, neither of use glue ourselves to cell-phones. 

Hence we are not at the beck and call of sundry apps. I have a proper receipt, now in plain sight on the fridge door.

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